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GROW's Vision:

Empowering Women to make informed choices.


GROW'S Values:

RESPECT: We acknowledge women are the best decision makers for themselves and their children. We offer a non-judgemental service and we respect each woman accessing our service. 

DIVERSITY: We value the uniqueness of each and every woman and recognise the individual pathways each chooses to take. 

EQUALITY: is not only important for women, it is good for all of us. Women's equality ensures a more peaceful and prosperous society for women, men and children.

ADVOCACY: The movement towards equality requires social change. We are committed to identifying the barriers to equality and will advocate for change. 

WELLBEING: Too often women have to be encouraged to take time out, relax and have fun. We will support women to make choices where their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing are served by ways they define as relaxing and fun. 

SAFETY: Personal safety is a fundamental right for everyone. We will strive to offer a space free from abuse and discrimination. 

ACCOUNTABILITY: We value the trust placed in us by women and supporters. We hold ourselves accountable not only to the women we serve but the communities we work within, supporters and public. 

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